On these pages I will tell you the story of my life. it will not be a truthful account of my life as I do not know the truth of my life.  There are – by way of illustration  – three very important questions regarding my life that I cannot – and  as such will not –  answer on these pages.

 Question #1 – Why did my grandmother choose to raise me as a girl?  More importantly,  why did my parents allow her to do so?

Question #2 – Did my brother truly love me as his girlfriend or was I simply an easy piece of ass for him?

Question #3  –  Did my wife marry me as a man of her dreams or because she saw me as weak beta male,  as one who would be the ‘husband’ of her dreams?

These questions and their unknowable answers would provide  invaluable insights into my childhood and early adult years.  Since I do not have answers to these questions,  any account of  the first twenty-nine  years of my life  will be incomplete.   But they are not the only holes in my life story during these years.   It  would be fair to suggest that the first twenty-nine years of my life were years full of lies and secrets, deceptions and  misdirections,

However, when all is said and done, my life story is of no compelling interest to anyone other than myself. It is of interest to me because the more I know about my life, the better I understand how it is that I came to be a sissy. The average reader of my story wants to read a story — not a biography. So I will be sharing my life story not unlike a movie loosely based on actual events.

While I do not have answers to the three questions I posed, I do know this.

  1. For seven years of my life, from age five to age twelve, I was my grandmother’s granddaughter. It was my choice — not hers — that had me returning to the life of a boy at age twelve.
  2. Two months before I turned thirteen, my sixteen year old brother pull me down on his cock. When I was fourteen, he put his cock to my ass. Over the next three years fucked me at least once every weekend.
  3. While my Ann vowed to be my wife, once she learned about my crossdressing, she took a great deal of pleasure in fucking other men, assaulting my manhood and encouraging my feminine desires.
  4. When I was twenty-nine years old and newly divorced, I knew I could never be a real man. I knew myself to be weak and pathetic, a loser who would never know happiness.