I do not feel I am a sissy because my grandmother raised me as a girl for seven years. I do not feel I am a sissy because I was my brother’s sex toy for four of my teen years. I truly believe I am a sissy because of the five years I spent married to Ann after she learned I was a crossdresser. Now of course, I would not have developed a love of girl’s clothes if not for my grandmother. And I never really learned anything about being a man during my teen years because I was too focused on being a girl for my brother. So my life story prior to my marriage is not without importance. However my life as a child is not my life as an adult. Most of the videos I will share of myself as essentially a cuckold to my wife are not truly indicative of my life as a husband to Ann for these five years. They are harsher and more cruel than I feel Ann was. Which is not to say she did not have her harsh and cruel moments. Nor is it to suggest that she was not all but a slut when it came to sex with other men. As for her willingness to share her sexual exploits with me, she often did so at my request. I grew envious of Ann and her ability to get fucked every weekend. I wanted her life so over the five years of our marriage I all but demanded to see more of it. So if she caught we watching her get fucked, she did not send me away. She was kind enough to let me stay. I became a sissy during the years her and I were married.

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