SPOKANE SISSY | Part One | Where We Meet His Grandma And Learn His Mom Wanted Him To Be A Girl

I am using these pages to tell my story. I do so as one who does not really know my story. And this ignorance of my story is most relevant for the earliest years of my life. I did not take notes on my life during these years and as a child I was largely a minor actor on a stage with grownups who made all the real decisions and control my fate. At different times my understanding of my past may change. I know the big picture. But I do not know the details well. So sometimes what I say in one video may not be the same as what I say in another. My suggestion to the viewer. Take almost everything I say with a grain of salt except of course when I am absolute positive about what I am saying. And when it doubt as to my certainty, remember there will be no exam so just move on.

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