Dancing At Age Eight

Dancing at a wedding

I can not say with any certainty why it was so important to my grandmother that she had a granddaughter.  However, neither can I recall a time when she did not seem proud of me as her granddaughter and eager to show me off as her granddaughter.   Others can speak with more authority to the question as to whether or not I had a good singing voice, but I did know how to dance.  When I was very young, my grandmother would often have me sing for her friends.  As I grew older, whenever I appeared in talent contests  or performed a talent for a beauty contest or entertained friends of my grandmother,  it was most likely that I would do so dancing.  My grandmother being my grandmother made it known to all of her friends the treetop very highly of her granddaughters dancing  I would feel offended if I was not invited to perform at weddings or other festive events.

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