Mike often mentioned how how much he wanted to fuck a cheerleader.  So one day I snuck into the girls locker room and I stole one of the cheerleading outfits for our school.  I did so after the end of the basketball season and so I knew it would be several months before anyone would even notice it was missing.   I was wrong about that.   A few weeks later, before the school year ended there arose quite an uproar because it had been noticed that one of the outfits was missing. I was never a suspect.    If  I had been a suspect and if they had found me with the stolen  cheerleading uniform,  there is little doubt in my mind that they would have discarded it.   Thrown it away.  Mike would not have me wear  it often when we fucked,  but I have more than a few times.   And we had never laundered the outfit.  When the uproar occurred we exercised our best judgment and disposed of the cheerleading outfit on our own.  If anyone ever found the  cheerleading uniform they probably would have noticed that it had several cum stains on it.

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